Organisation of Courses

Individual or Small Group (of up to 8 participants)

Flexibility in planning either once weekly meetings, or intensive daily seminars for a specific time frame.

Personally tailored courses to meet your professional needs and interests and subject content for your specific working field.

After every lesson you will receive a vocabulary list and quiz to help you master the relevant terms and phrases used in your professional life.

Current, relevant articles from leading newspapers and journals, such as “The New York Times,” “The Wall Street Journal,” and “The Economist,” will be provided as well as translations of the key terms and vocabulary. Library materials, such as business books, popular fiction, articles from leading business newspapers, dvds and audio books are also available.

General Lesson Outline

Intensity of lessons depends on you. You, the client, determine the training level – more relaxed or more intensive

At the initial meeting there will be an evaluation of the current level of the students. Based on this evaluation, a personally tailored course will be developed, taking into consideration the interests and needs of the individuals. However, this course content is flexible and will be adapted as the student(s) progress(es).